Commercial Financing Secrets!

When we say,
"The Ultimate Commercial Financing
Home Business System "
"We Mean The Ultimate"!

When we say,
Commercial Financing As A Business...
We Mean It!

When We Say,
Wholesaling Commercial Properties ,
 We Mean It!

When We Say
"Bulk Acquisition
We Mean It!

When We Say
"The Perfect Product"
We Mean That Also!

When We Say:
"A Virtual Home Business Business",
We Mean That Also!

When We Say,
A  Business ,That You Can Grow Into
And Not Out Of..
We Mean That Too!

When We Say,
The Ultimate Home Business
We Really Mean It!

When We Say,

"Don't Just Do A Deal, Learn A Skill That Will
 Last You A Lifetime While Earning A Income That
Others Only Dream About As A Commercial Financier".....

We Mean It!

View The Screen Shots Below And
Consider The Possibilities !

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What Could You REALLY Do With These Tools!


A Virtual Commercial Financing Resource Center!
  • Access To Commercial Lenders
  • Access To Professional Commercial Property Buyers And Sellers
  • Commercial Financing Training Center
  • All Resources Needed For Wholesaling Commercial Properties
  • All  Resources Needed For Brokering Commercial Loans Properties
  • Includes 8 Week Training Course with over 80 Hours Of Training Audios

 What's Inside:

Developed For Investors And Money Brokers
By A Master Commercial Financier !


A Commercial Financing Resource Center ..



A Commercial Property Wholesaling Business System

How I Went From Investing In UGLY Distressed Residential Properties To Financing  Portfolios Of New Income Producing Commercial Properties ...

Hear Exactly How I Did It...
 And How You Can Do It Too!




You Are Your FIRST Client!
Objective: 100% Debt Elimination In 3 To 6 Months
                             So you can grow your new home business and



 Programs And Financing Boot Camp
 For Immediate Execution!

Includes Audios And Work Books!



Weekly Assignments!





A Commercial Data Bank For Managing Your Lenders And Buyer's Inventories ... Custom Software ......


Online Commercial Financing Boot Camps


Fast Track Financing Program:
This Program provides the Residential Investor or Residential Financier with a Step By Step system for moving from Residential
to Commercial Financing starting with a local newspaper.




A Reason To Persist In Your Pursuit

A Powerful Personal Goal
Decide To Get Debt

Our Solution To Debt Management Is SIMPLE!

Manage Your Debt By Eliminating It Completely! 

Eliminate You Debt By Generating MORE Income.

Generate More Income By Solving BIG Financing Problems and Hundreds And Thousand For Your Financial Services!

 And Do It 3-6 Months.... NOT 30 YEARS!


If You Could Get Completely Debt Free In 3-6 Months While Learning A New Life Skill, Would You Do It?

Eliminate Your Debts While Learning
The Commercial Financing Business!

 This Juice Is Worth The Squeeze !


What If We Took All The The Tools Listed Above And Installed Them On Your Very Own Custom Web Site?

You would have all the tools needed to start Your Own our Own Commercial Financing Virtual Money Broker Office ThIf You Could Get Completely Debt Free In 3-6 Months While Learning A New Life Skill, Would You Do It?


See My Offers To Purchase

See My Work Sheets

Imagine starting Your Own Commercial Financing Home Business And Begin Earning Hundreds And Thousand Of Dollars In Fees Providing A Selling The Perfect
Product, "M-O-N-E-Y". Your clients will be :

Entrepreneurs : Looking You can take your personal financial goal and use it as your first transaction. This means, you can earn enough to pay off your home your car all your credit in 90 days and all from 1 carefully chosen transaction.

You can accomplish while learning your new business. It's like "getting paid to go to school". So you really get to earn while you learn. Step by step instructions.
Here's the first step:
! own Money Brokering Business and begin earning an income you can be proud of.


Broker Buyer And Lender Data Bases For Virtually Any Type Of Financing Project
Complete With Institutional Lenders And Buyers
Broker Acquisition Financing And Earn $800,000 From One Transaction.
Buy and Sell Portfolios Of Real Estate Without a Real Estate License
Realtors: You can use this Virtual Tool Box to gain Direct Access To Institutional  Buyers Of Income Producing Real Estate Properties and Portfolios from 20 Million Dollars And Up! Quickly locate and contact Buyers for all your commercial  properties. Institutional Buyers PAY CASH. No qualifying! Just contact them and deliver the property. You really don't have to split commissions and co-broker. We have hundreds of Institutional Buyers and Lenders. And most of these buyers also have portfolios of commercial properties available to sell.
Real Estate Investors: You can use these modules to gain direct access to Institutional Lenders that will finance your projects from $10,000,000 or more! One source charges 0 points and guarantees 30 day closings. You have unlimited access to properties to purchase or sell world wide. A final financing solution. A complete Buyer's and Lenders Directory combined. You can use these tools to locate properties to purchase, to finance your properties and to identify Buyers for your properties. The best of both worlds.
Never pay another commission to realtors again!
Money Brokers: The Money Broker Tool Box will give you direct access To Institutional Lenders that can deliver the financing for your projects. Eliminate the Brokers and the Jokers! Grow your business fast. Get your deals closed fast! Includes a lead generating web site with a link to your private submission site. Screen your Borrowers and your prospects fast with this tool. Complete forms library, membership site and weekly coaching enhances your Virtual Tool Box. You can have the tools and resources for financing literally any type of doable financing transaction. Created by Brokers for Brokers! A complete financing solution!

No Matter How You Slice It Or How It's Packaged, It All Boils Down To Creative And Alternative Financing Sources, Systems, Strategies AND Solutions.

It's Easy To Earn A Six Figure Income With My Virtual Money Broker Tool Box.

A Step By Step System For Moving From Residential Investing To Commercial Investing
How to locate, qualify and select vendors and lenders with the best products and services to promote OR to use. Don't waste another second of your time working with anyone less than the best. The better your lenders, the easier it is to attract quality borrowers!
How to get the best terms and rates from any financial institution for yourself or your clients. Once you know this secret, your clients won't dream of shopping your proposals around.
How to find borrowers that are eager to place multi-million dollar commercial loans with you.
How to have borrowers calling you, asking to do business with you. No more cold calling, no more arm twisting. Sit back, relax and enjoy having clients chasing you instead of the other way around.
How to have lenders beating down your door! Learn how to submit your loans to hundreds of lenders at once and have them competing for your business in as little as 24 hours.
How to pick the best niche markets for the fastest and easiest deals. Just a little research from this special website, and you'll be set. Pick the right niche and the rest is a cinch! 
How to evaluate and identify a doable deal in 45 minutes or less without ever reading a business plan or taking an application. Unless you like working for free, you'll love this one!
How to separate apart the good, the bad and the ugly. No more spending hours and hours of time on borrowers who will never qualify for a loan! Learn the iron clad, fool-proof method for screening out bad borrowers in 45 minutes or less.
How to remove all of the lender's risk from your transactions to get beyond the 80 and 90 percent LTV barriers. Learn this one simple strategy and you'll know how to save deals that 99% of all other loan brokers lose!
How to present your own financing program to a lender if he doesn't have one that suits your needs. Learn how to do this and you'll be able to present a completely unique offering to the marketplace. What would that do for your business? 
How to find and finance commercial properties for your own acquisitions and get non-recourse financing. Some properties can qualify for LTV's as high as 110%. This is for the most highly motivated brokers only. One day you'll realize, why should you put all your knowledge to work for your clients while only making a small piece of the action? You should be doing the best deals yourself!
How to earn major profits and fees by providing properties to institutional property buyers. Once you know how the game is played and who the players are, you'll see that you can make money not only by brokering loans, but also by matching up buyers with sellers. Income from the buyer, income from the lender, and income from the seller...all on one deal. One deal like this and you can take the rest of the year off!
How to take equity in your client's project. One question and you'll have your answer.
How to use the Internet to open up your own Money Store that operates 24/7. If you don't have a presence online, you are letting your competitors pummel you! Expose your business to a whole new customer base.

Here's The Best Part Of All!

Not Only Will Your Be Able To Sell These Services To Others And Earn Hundreds And Thousand Of Dollars In Fees, but You Can Also Use These Resources And Training To Finance Your Own Commercial Acquisitions.

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